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Daniel Pelka and the 7 lost chances…(The i, 2nd August 2013)

I am at an airport about to go on holiday full of sadness as I read about little Daniels short cruelty filled life. It is hard to read the account of what happened to Daniel, I cannot even imagine how it felt for Daniel living it. But I have to read it, I have to remember Daniel, and those who went before, because I share the responsibility we all have to not look away when we see and read of such horror.

Whilst the media, politicians, you and I want someone to be accountable it’s worth remembering accountability is what’s left when we all fail to take responsibility. Sadly, to often, many believe making others aware of the issue is the end of their responsibility.

Where a vulnerable child is concerned we are never free of taking responsibility……

Please do not let this turn into a witch hunt, an electioneering opportunity, let it lead to real change. Remember the ‘Peter Principle’ – Why does history keep repeating itself? Because nobody ever listens.

For those with the power to make positive change, after listening, please learn from what you have heard for the sake of all those other potential Daniels, Peters and Victorias who are still out there, living lives no child should ever experience.