The Struggle for Truth by the most Vulnerable


All of you who read my blogs are well aware of the petition I’ve been working on with Debbie Sayers; and just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the link the time of writing 94,223 have signed asking for IDS to be formally held to account for the abundance of Lies, He & his juniors Ministers have repeatedly told regarding DLA and the upcoming changes.

Today we officially learn, the Work Programme is failing the UK’s most vulnerable (i); I say officially because we have known almost from the outset, this would be the case; this is based on scores of blogs, media articles and conversations on FaceBook & Twitter, that have gone on since the programmes inception. Yet, Ministers of the DWP have once again repeatedly stated the Programme is succeeding; more Lies?

Yesterday we discovered the DWP has delayed publication of the official data about how many JSA & ESA claimants have…

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About digalpin

I gained my social work qualification from the University of Southampton and worked for 14 years in mental health, disability and older people services. I am currently a senior lecturer in post-qualifying social work at Bournemouth University and am conducting research on government and societal attitudes and responses to the mistreatment of older people in health and social care provision for my doctorate. My views are my own.

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