Is more private provision in health and social care the only way to improve care?….

Di Galpin

What has HSBC to do with the NHS?  Quite a lot in my mind.  

My biggest worry is we will not learn any lessons from the financial meltdown of the past 3 years as government persists in its drive to privatise the public sector.  As the ‘Peter Principle’ reminds us……why does history keep repeating itself?   Because nobody ever listens.

With commentators suggesting barely 10% of total care home provision remains in state hands confidence in the ability of the free market and financial sector to provide quality care is important. However, for me it boils down to trust and respect, and the simple truth is I do not trust the private sector to deliver, and I do not believe the private sector respects me enough to ensure it will prioritise meeting my care needs, rather than making as large a profit as possible.

The recent review of care at Winterbourne…

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About digalpin

I gained my social work qualification from the University of Southampton and worked for 14 years in mental health, disability and older people services. I am currently a senior lecturer in post-qualifying social work at Bournemouth University and am conducting research on government and societal attitudes and responses to the mistreatment of older people in health and social care provision for my doctorate. My views are my own.

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